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Customer Reviews

Perfectly matches the description. Very fast shipping - received before the expected delivery date.


They are light, very manageable, and safe. My son is in no danger. With very vivid colours. I loved it.


Thank you very much seller for sending me the right product at the right time. Shipped quickly and received on time. The product is very useful for children capablilities enhancement. It is light weight and stylish. Very good material used and a nice finish.


Product Benefits


An eye opener to the science behind Physics.
Our spectacular magnetic rod set will enable your child to understand the principles behind electromagnetic. Not only that, your child will understand the basic primary colours and shapes. This will develop their creativity, and stimulate them cognitively. Your child is able to build various 2D and 3D models to exercise their hand-eye coordination when constructing various shapes.

Progressive Learning

Put your child to the test! Multiple varieties of shapes waiting to be crafted. Play with your child at home to transform your child-parent bond and interaction. This is truly essential for growth, concentration and development.

Suitability and Appropriateness

Perfect size and eliminates accidental swallowing. No risks to swallowing as this has been experimentally proven. The magnetic building block set is made from high quality ABS plastic and magnet. It is therefore non-toxic and safe for your child.

Food Glorious Food

A selection of ABS material that are tasteless, safe, and harmless for your child to play with. The magnetic rods are thick enough to prevent accidental swallowing.

Magnetic Properties - Absorption

Beginners stage for your child to build a concrete foundation.

Intermediate stage

Explore your child’s imagination